The versatile bulb This lovechild of cabbage & white turnip is such a quintessentially German ingredient that several languages, including English, have kept the German name. Kohlrabi is a great source of vitamin C as it contains even more than oranges. In terms of taste it is softer than turnip and slightly sweeter with a … Continue reading Kohlrabi


The Oil Fruit Already in Greek mythology the olive played a central role in bringing to joy to people. Today the saying "to extend an olive branch" is considered a sign of peace and forgiveness. This quintessentially Mediterranean fruit can be eaten as a snack but is also highly valued for its oil. Die Ölfrucht … Continue reading Olive


Lady Fingers This vegetable is believed to have originated in Ethiopia and is also known as lady fingers. Botanically okra is related to hibiscus and cotton. If you are curious about the taste though, green beens probably come closest. The vegetable is enjoyed in many places across the world, including India, the Middle East and … Continue reading Okra


The Shining Star Aubergines, also known as eggplants, are part of the nightshade family alongside tomatoes and potatoes. They can be found all over the world but are especially appreciated in the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine. Die Eierfrucht Auberginen gehören zu Familie der Nachtschattengewächse, genau wie Tomaten und Kartoffeln. Sie sind auf der … Continue reading Aubergine