Treasure of the Incas What looks like a small green dragon egg is actually one of the most expensive fruit in the world. The cherimoya has its origins in South America and was already a popular fruit with the incas who named it Quechua, meaning cold seeds. According to Marc Twain cherimoya is the most … Continue reading Cherimoya


The tree of life The tree of this beautiful tropical fruit was referred to by the Mayas as the tree of life. Papaya, also known as pawpaw, has its origins in Mexico and Panama but is now grown in all places with tropical climates. The taste is sweet and creamy, similar to cantaloupe melon and … Continue reading Papaya


The snake fruit Possibly one of the strangest looking fruit but much less strange in taste - the salak. This Indonesian native, often referred to as snake fruit, grows on palm trees and has the size and shape of a fig. The big difference is the texture of the salaks skin which looks like that … Continue reading Salak