Butternut Squash – Butternusskürbis

The sweetest of the squashes For more than 12,000 years humans have been enjoying squash. Botanically squashes belong to the Cucurbitaceae family which also includes cucumbers, melons and courgettes. Squashes originated in Middle and South America and are a hugely important crop for the entire American continent. One of the most flavourful of the squashes … Continue reading Butternut Squash – Butternusskürbis

Spinach – Spinat

Everyone’s favourite green Probably the most versatile and universally liked leafy greens, spinach has its origin in ancient Persia. It’s part of the amaranth family, alongside vegetables like chard and pseudo grains like amaranth and quinoa. The healthy green is available all year round but is especially great during early spring when other fresh produce … Continue reading Spinach – Spinat


The versatile bulb This lovechild of cabbage & white turnip is such a quintessentially German ingredient that several languages, including English, have kept the German name. Kohlrabi is a great source of vitamin C as it contains even more than oranges. In terms of taste it is softer than turnip and slightly sweeter with a … Continue reading Kohlrabi