The tree of life The tree of this beautiful tropical fruit was referred to by the Mayas as the tree of life. Papaya, also known as pawpaw, has its origins in Mexico and Panama but is now grown in all places with tropical climates. The taste is sweet and creamy, similar to cantaloupe melon and … Continue reading Papaya


The snake fruit Possibly one of the strangest looking fruit but much less strange in taste - the salak. This Indonesian native, often referred to as snake fruit, grows on palm trees and has the size and shape of a fig. The big difference is the texture of the salaks skin which looks like that … Continue reading Salak


This big green citrus fruit is a cross between grapefruit and pomelo which was created in the 80s in Israel. To this day Israel is the main producer of the sweetie. The size of the fruit resembles that of a grapefruit while the colour and sweetness are closer to the pomelo. Like all citrus fruit … Continue reading Sweetie


The tart berry This plump red berry is synonymous with American Thanks Giving and Christmas celebrations.  The cranberry is a very tart fruit which comes in season just in time for the festivities. They are grown in the USA but are also popular in Northern European countries. The berries contain plenty of vitamin C which … Continue reading Cranberry

Fig – Feige

The heavenly fruit Figs have been cultivated for thousands of years and originated in modern day Turkey. Nowadays the fruit is grown all throughout the Mediterranean, parts of Africa and the USA. Perfectly ripe figs are super sweet with a slightly floral note and are usually the size of golf ball with either purple or … Continue reading Fig – Feige


The Oil Fruit Already in Greek mythology the olive played a central role in bringing to joy to people. Today the saying "to extend an olive branch" is considered a sign of peace and forgiveness. This quintessentially Mediterranean fruit can be eaten as a snack but is also highly valued for its oil. Die Ölfrucht … Continue reading Olive